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Coming in 2022!

Join Michelle who is dually certified as a women's health and psychiatric nurse practitioner for a 1 hour discussion on topics pertaining to women's mental health and wellness.  During these recurring discussions, you'l have the opportunity to learn and discover new information as well as ask the questions you may have without having to schedule an appointment.  All chats will be held virtually and will be limited to 20 people per chat so don't hesitate!


The Baby Blues?  Or something more? $20

How can you tell if you have the baby blues or if it something more serious like postpartum depression, anxiety or another perinatal mood disorder?  What are the recommended treatments?  This class is for parents that are trying to conceive, are expecting or during the postpartum period.  

Let's Talk about Sex!  $20

So you have low libido?  How do hormonal and brain changes affect your libido?  What can you do to improve your sexual health and function?