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From the outside, you are an amazing and successful woman.  But we know what others see is not always our reality.  You’re struggling.  You feel vulnerable.  Life throws you lemons.  It’s not panning out the way you thought it would.  You feel like because things aren’t going the way you’ve planned, you’ve failed.  And you’re so disappointed.  You keep trying and trying to achieve your goals but something keeps getting in the way.  Or you have achieved what you wanted so you’re not sure why you still feel unhappy.  I know you’re tired, running on fumes.  But I also know you’re trying.  So if you’re reading this and think I’m talking to you, I want you to know I’m crazy proud of you for looking for help.

We are a group of women supporting women and we are here to help you.  We have a network of therapists and provide medication management for women like you who are struggling.  You are not in this alone.  There is help for you.  If this resonates with you, reach out.  We want to help.

Stressed Woman


You’re a new momma or a momma again!  You feel like you should be excited.  You don’t want to tell anybody but you feel lonely, scared and sad.  You’re not sleeping enough and there’s barely time to eat and shower.  Your thoughts race at times and occasionally scary thoughts creep in.  You constantly worry and one thought keeps going through your head: I’m not cut out for this, I’m a bad mom.  You suffer in silence and think… maybe this is just how it is.  I see you, I was you.  You try to work like you don’t have a family, you try to tend to your family like you don’t have a job.  It's overwhelming.  I see you.  I am you.  I want you to know, there is help.  And with help you can get better.

We understand the challenges women face and want you to know you are not alone.  Together we will work to get you back to feeling like yourself.  Please do not suffer in silence.  There is help for you.  And with help you can feel better.  If this happened to you during a pregnancy and now you are considering having another baby and you want to talk about it, call us!

Mother with her Child


We went to college for our careers because we wanted to be of service to the people in our communities.  We teach, we guide, we heal.  But we didn’t sign up for the things we’ve been asked to do lately.  We are pushing our limits, still trying to help.  We are successful in helping others to become healthier, better versions of themselves.  We know what we should do based upon our education and years of experience, yet we are having difficulty coping with certain aspects in our own lives.  Is it compassion fatigue, are we burnt out?  Maybe we are just human beings like everyone else and despite our years of experience, we have our own issues to address.  No matter what the reason is, we need to remember that we matter too and we deserve to get our own help.  

Finding a balance between being a helper and still employing self-care and enjoying time with family and friends seems difficult at times.  You deserve to have the career you’ve always dreamed of while still maintaining relationships.  Caring for ourselves is not selfish, it’s essential.  You take care of everyone else but don’t forget to take care of the most important person: Yourself.

Nurse with Protective Mask


Wait.. what? I thought this was a practice for women!  We understand that men struggle too.  Sometimes more because they feel like they have to be strong, hold it in.... they're the men.  Also, did you know that 1:10 men struggle with postpartum mood disorders?  What???  Yes it’s true.  And it’s based on research.  It looks different in men, they may check out, be irritable, have difficulty focusing, seemingly uninterested.  They may not even realize it’s happening.  Men feel a huge amount of responsibility after the birth of a baby.  The biggest risk factors for men getting a postpartum mood disorder is their own personal history of depression and the mom having a mood disorder postpartum.  It’s taken us a long time to realize that women get postpartum depression and it will take even longer for us to accept that strong men can also get postpartum depression.  If you think this may be affecting you, or ladies if you think it may be affecting your partner, reach out to us.

Man Holding Newborn

We’re here to help you with all your needs. Get in touch by phone or email to book an appointment, to ask questions or to find out more information.

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